Sunday, July 18, 2010


Today was our excursion to Bath, England!  Bath is in southwest England and is such a beautiful city!  I liked it better than Canterbury.  It was a two hour coach bus ride from Oxford, and in true Heather fashion, I slept the entire way there.  :)  Here is a picture I took of the town of Bath as we were arriving:

Our first stop in Bath was the Roman Baths.  The facility was constructed between 60-70 AD over a natural hot spring and served as a bathing and spa-type facility for the Romans.  They would come from all over to experience the baths.  Here are some of my best pics from the site:

Great Bath
(For my fellow Lost fans -- this looks very similar to the Temple
in the final season, no?  I bet those scenes were inspired by this location!)

Another view of Great Bath, with the Bath Abbey in the background

On the upper level overlooking the Great Bath

Brad, Amanda, and I at the Great Bath

One of the smaller baths adjacent to the Great Bath.  People
would throw "curses" in the bath, which were complaints addressed to the
goddess, in which they requested that someone be 
punished for wrongdoing, usually for theft.
(Another Lost scene look-alike!)

After the Roman Baths, we visited Bath Abbey.  Britain loves their abbeys!  Here are some pics of the Abbey:

Inside Bath Abbey

After a quick stop at Bath Abbey, we went on a free guided walking tour of Bath.  Our tour guide was great!  Very knowledgeable about the city's history.  Here are some of the sites we saw on the tour:

Pulteney Bridge

River near Pulteney Bridge

Royal Crescent (used to be homes for the elite,
now used as a hotel and spa)

I wish we had more time to explore the city.  We were only in Bath for about five hours.  If you're ever in England, I definitely recommend a stop in Bath!

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  1. The river is so cool! What's up with the layers? I like it!