Monday, July 5, 2010

Settling In and Exploring the Area

It's day 2 of my adventure at Oxford!  I woke up early this morning for breakfast and to get my electronics approved.  We have to get all electronics cleared by the school before plugging them in because of currency/voltage differences between UK and US plugs.

Next I had my first plenary lecture. We have these once per day every weekday.  Today's lecure was "British Politics Today."  It was pretty interesting -- we talked a lot about the recent British elections.

After lunch, I roamed around town with a couple people I have met here - Amanda and Brad.  Amanda is a PhD student in Political Science at the University of Florida, and Brad goes to GMU.  We intended to just go to a few gift shops but ended up stumbling upon some beautiful attractions!  Here are a few places that we saw:

Christ Church

Streets of Oxford

Christ Church Hall (where Harry Potter was filmed!)

 Lincoln College (another college of Oxford)

And here are a few more shots of Exeter College, where I am staying and studying:

My dorm room - 3rd floor with the windows open

Here's a view of the Exeter main courtyard
(door to left is Hall and door on right is main entrance)

OK, time for my first class now!  Yay!

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