Friday, July 23, 2010

Souvenirs and Certificates

Yesterday afternoon, in the dreary rain, Amanda and I hopped around the Oxford souvenir shops and I completed the last of my souvenir purchases, including a few things for myself.  I bought a necklace from a street vendor and a local artist's painting of Oxford.  Here's the picture:

I really like this one because it shows the streets of Oxford, as well as Oxford scholars (on bicycles, no less!).

In the evening after dinner (which was salmon with potatoes, and a banana tart for dessert), the program hosted a quiz night in the Exeter pub (called the Undercroft.... which reminds me of Mary Washington's pub, the Underground).  It was fun -- there were several rounds and most of the questions dealt with Oxford and the University.  After the quiz night, there was a talent show, which Amanda and I watched briefly.  There were poetry readings, piano solos, dances, and more.

This morning was our last plenary lecture!  It was about the last five British Prime Ministers.  I was rather bored, to be honest.  Some of these lecturers just get up and speak from memorization or from reading from a paper -- no visual aids or anything, which makes it difficult for me to want to pay attention.  I find it rather pompous when someone thinks what they're saying is so interesting that they don't need any bells or whistles.  Anyway, after the lecture, we received our certificate for completing the program!  Here's mine:

We also received a copy of the group photo that we took on our first day in the program.  Here it is:

(That's me in the far upper right corner.)

And, alas, it is my final day in Oxford.  I'm off now to see a museum or two, and eat one last Ben's Cookie!!  Tonight is our closing reception and formal dinner.... and before that, I get my grades back!  Let's hope they don't need to revoke my lovely certificate.  ;)


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  2. Aytch-Pee,

    You don't need any bells and whistles when you talk, and you're not pompous! :)

    Also you should have not told your loyal readership where you were in the picture and let us play Where's Waldo.

    Finally - I know you love the phonetic spelling of your initials used at the beginning of this comment and I hope you incorporate them into your daily life.