Saturday, July 24, 2010


It's been a brilliant last day in Oxford!  (I'm making final attempts at integrating my new found British slang into normal vocabulary.)  I roamed about town for a few hours in the afternoon.  Amanda, Brad, and I visited the Museum of Oxford, which gives history about the town of Oxford, as well as the University.  Then, I ventured off on my own to explore a side of town that I hadn't yet visited.  I made a long hike down High Street to Cowley Road, where there are a lot of small, international clothing and jewelry shops.  Along the way, I passed by University College and Magdalen College, the Botanic Gardens, and lots of small shops.

When I came back to campus, I met with my "Changing Face of Britain" tutor to review my paper.  I got a 71.  Don't fret, though -- that's good by Oxford standards (a 70 or above is considered an A, and that's on a 100 point scale... they don't joke around).  She said it was one of the highest grades in the class.  Woop!  Then, after meeting with her, I meandered over to the summer school office where my "Human Rights in Perspective" paper was awaiting me.  On that one, I got a 66, which is considered a B/B+ by Oxford standards, which will most likely translate to an A- at GMU.  Overall, I'm pretty happy with my grades -- looks like I'll continue my straight A streak in grad school after all!  We can contest any grades that we don't agree with to our GMU liaison, and I plan to argue against one of the critiques of my Human Rights paper.  His primary criticism (as far as I can tell from his notes) was that I quoted things from the lecture, which he felt weakened my argument.  I would think that using information from the lecture would be a good thing!  Anyway, I shouldn't complain -- it feels good to receive good grades from Oxford professors!  

Tonight was our closing reception and dinner.  Here are a few pictures from the reception (which was in the Fellows Garden) and dinner (in Hall):

Me and Dr. Amanda Palmer, my "Changing Face of Britain" 
tutor, at the reception in the Fellows Garden:

Our dinner menu:

Amanda, Brad, and I at dinner:

Standing processional for the tutors:

After dinner (which was rubbish, at best), Amanda, David (Amanda's boyfriend who arrived in town today), Brad, and I went to the pub called "Turf Tavern."  It's one of the more popular pubs in Oxford, and is supposedly where Bill Clinton "smoked but did not inhale" marijuana.  LOL  Here's a pic:

And now it is nearly 1:00 am and I have not packed at all!  Tomorrow morning, I'm off to meet Jared in London!  Bed time for me.  Cheers!

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